6 things that you can do today to see your goals to reality

In Thursday’s free Teleseminar, I decided to open up to you, and through the process challenge your current thoughts and patterns that may not be serving you to your highest potential. I asked my listeners… What kind of cleanse are you looking for in your life? Are you looking to release old patterns, outmoded ways of thinking, and things that no longer serve you? What would it look like for you to take the steps forward in your life so that you can have the clarity of mind and heart to dive right into your dream and purpose? 

What does it take?

Who do you have to become, to make that happen? 

Before I outline the 6 steps I talked about in the call (you can listen to a more detailed version at this replay link), let’s examine why cleansing and letting go are important action steps in the process of growth. They are important because they allow us to take care of our body, our mind and our soul. When we undertake a cleanse, we want to consider all 3 aspects of what constitutes our reality.

1) Our Body/Vessel: acts as the container that houses our spirit. It is our physicality, our container, our stability, the soul’s “home” while on this plane of existence. A body that is healthy, radiant, vibrant and clear of toxins is better able to sustain and nourish the soul’s purpose.

2) Our Mind/Consciousness: acts as our vehicle through which we can manifest. Our thoughts are the very units of consciousness with which we create our every day reality. Cleansing the mind and ridding it of impurities like negative thinking, sustaining a lack mindset, and limiting belief systems allows us to be empowered in our choices, and use our mind constructively to harness the willpower of our spirit and channel it forth towards manifesting our desires.

3) Our Soul/Spirit: the very divine essence of which we are made. Taking care of our bodily vessel, and having a clear mind allows the soul’s purpose to shine through, to radiate its mission into existence so that we may birth it into our lives.

On the call, I talked about the 6 things that I learnt while undertaking this cleanse (on day 16 today, and committed to make it to 30!) that helped me not only in my life, but also in running my business more effectively.

Step #1: Being truly committed to change

How do you know that you’re really ready to change? Anytime you have a goal or you’re looking to change something in your life, you have to ask yourself… Am I ready to let go of my belief systems, values, habits and behaviors I currently have in order to become that new person, or am I just doing a temporary change so I can have something else stop? For example, am I ready to truly start taking care of my body, treat it well, feed it nutritional and nourishing food and exercising, to become the fit and healthy person that I envision I want to be, or am I undertaking some weight loss regimen solely so I can lose some weight so as to not feel so bad about my self-image and self-esteem…  (more on this and other (financial) examples in the call 🙂 )

It’s about making that commitment to raising your standard, to never go back to the state that you find yourself in now. You’ll do all that is necessary to really make this a lifestyle change. This is how you can tell a person is really committed to their new standard that they’ve set for themselves, and they’ll do what it takes to stay in alignment with that.

Step #2: Realizing the importance of investing in yourself

Many of us are truly scared to spend money on ourselves. We’ve been raised to be scared of debt, scared of spending too much, and even worse, we’ve been programmed to think that we are NOT WORTHY of spending money on ourselves. Investing in yourself, however, is the best gift that you can give for yourself. It’s about paying the money to get the knowledge to hire the support that you need in whatever endeavor it is that you need this support in. It could be to work with a personal trainer. It could be to work with a lifestyle coach. It could be to work with a business coach so you can learn the foundations of starting a business. It’s about being comfortable with your own worth, and realizing that there’s no dollar amount that should be attached to your worth and value, especially NOT when you’re looking at growing. Investing in yourself comes from a place where you trust that you deserve to have this kind of support in your life.

Step #3: Time Management

Time management is Self Management. It’s the way you manage yourself throughout your day. If you want optimal success with any goal in your life, you want to make the most out of our day. In order to do that, you need to know exactly how your time is spent (in other words what do you spend your time on, how do you self manage?) from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep. That way, you know exactly how much time you spend on what, and you’re much less likely to get distracted, lose track of time, etc

Step #4: Pushing beyond your Limits

Anytime you will try something new, or endeavor to make a change in your life, it’s uncomfortable. By being able to push yourself outside of your comfort zone, you can stretch yourself and expand to increased awareness. The only way to find out how much you can change, is by trying to push that limit boundary a little further each time. Learning to be comfortable with the uncomfortable is a great way to grow, and push yourself beyond your current limitations. When you commit to doing or being something new, it means that you have to do and be better than you were before. It’s about choosing to do something better for yourself today, and following through to honor that personal choice.

Step #5: Teach Yourself New Habits

The new habits that you’re able to form around doing something new or different carry on and contribute in other areas of your life. For example, becoming more organized in one area of your life allows you to bring those organization skills to other areas of your life. This allows for a broader and more comprehensive transformation in your life. It also allows you to deal with problems and obstacles in different ways or through new coping mechanisms than the ones you used before.

Step #6: Observe the Overall Benefits and be Grateful

A cleanse is a process of letting go. It involves being open, vulnerable. It involves being true to yourself, meaning you’re not only eliminating toxins at a physical level, but also removing emotional blocks, and doing a LOT of release work. As you do this, there are added benefits of thinking more orderly, gaining clarity, becoming more compassionate and getting closer to yourself, your goals… It’s a process of aligning with your Higher Self and your visions for the future so that you can start to make them happen.


I hope you benefited from these tips. Feel free to tune in to the live call replay link to get more information, and if you’d love some professional support in getting unstuck and gaining clarity, whether in your personal life or your business, feel free to schedule a complimentary Discovery Session with me today by booking here. 

In love and in service always,

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