Join me for a Live Ritual on “The Energetics of Connection: Cutting Cords & Letting Go”

I filmed a quick video yesterday discussing the difficult energies of change that we find ourselves navigating, and introduced a new FB Live that I’ll be doing today to help you Cut the Cords and Let Go.

If you’re not sure what that means, and why it is necessary, I invite you to hop on and come for a ride into the ENERGETICS of CONNECTION.


Cords are energetic links or “ties” that form between people. They show up as a form of attachment, and it can show up between people, objects, situations and places. I’ll be focusing on the cords that form between people, and in particular the cords that continue on as a result of fearful attachment, a fear of letting the other person go, the other person not letting you go, a fear of being alone, etc.

Cutting the cords is energetically moving on from that person. We typically tell ourselves we move on, but on an energetic level, there’s psychic information constantly being passed between two people so long as this connection is still present.

Many people have no idea how to go about this process (or that these energetic attachments even exist), so I’m going to assist everyone on the call through it. 

We’re in a highly purgative period right now, and we are being called to release and let go of anything and anyone that does not further our spiritual evolution, our soul-based path, and our heart-led desires.

Sometimes we are attached to ourselves, even. Not wanting to let go of a side of us that is keeping us stuck. A part of us that is resisting and refusing to move forward. We clutch to the version of ourselves that we know, in an effort to avoid the fear of unknown that comes with growth and stepping into an expanded version of ourselves.

I’ll be addressing these topics today, assist you through the cutting cords process, open it up for a few questions, and then provide you with an opportunity to take this process more personally and much deeper.

Here’s where all the magic is happening, at 12 PM PST/ 3 PM EST, TODAY:


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