How we stop ourselves from that which we desire…

How many times have you felt a need, an impulse, a desire deep inside you to do something, or become someone, only to thwart that desire down with a statement like “I’d love to… but I don’t think I’m ready yet.”

We often tell ourselves we’re not ready out of fear, out of our own perception of our own incapacity to get there, do that thing, be that someone.

not ready

But let me ask you this…

Have you ever worked a job you knew nothing about in the beginning, or it was completely out of your domain of expertise, but you knew you absolutely had to work it? Of course you did. We all do at some point or other in our lives. Were you ready then? Did you start working in that position with ALL the knowledge and skills necessary as already part of you?

No, not likely. You started and then grew & expanded along the way.

The truth of the matter is, you can tell yourself all you want that you’re not ready, and you’re not sure, and you’re not qualified nor have the skills…[insert whatever other excuse you use to keep yourself from taking that step forward]…

Ultimately though, the process of readiness (notice I say process) starts with a DECISION. A decision to start. That’s when you’re truly ready. When you’ve made that commitment with yourself that you want to pursue that direction, to become that business owner, that you want to do what it takes to get there.

There’s no need to wait for anyone’s approval. There’s no need to wait for anyone else to tell you you’re ready but yourself.

You’re ready when you stop making excuses for yourself.

Readiness begins with a decision. The more we contemplate our own level of readiness to pursue something new, the more we take away at our opportunities for having new experiences.

I’ve learnt that playing it safe isn’t safe at all. It’s actually the safest way to stop our personal growth. We can grow by leaps and bounds, so long as we have no self-imposed limitations holding us back from truly achieving our highest potential, living the life that we desire, and moving forward with trust in our abilities to learn, grow and experience life all at the same time.



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