A Love Note for 2015

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A personal note ♥

Beautiful one,

I thought I’d share with you a small Love Note that I made in my Journal today. What does your Love Note to yourself look like, for 2015? What kind of life do you want to create ahead? Where would you like to travel? What miracles would you like to see happen?

Dear 2015, 


we’re going to make it extraordinary. We have 365 days of magnificence. 365 days of joy and ease. Of manifesting good things. Of helping others. Of changing lives. Of consciously creating. Of overcoming limitations. Of pushing our boundariesfurther. Annihilating our comfort zones. Laughing ourselves silly. Setting ourselvesfree(er).

Committing to ourselves. Being there for each other. Earning our trust. Being self-sufficient, self-becoming, self-loving, yep, you got it, 365 days a year. All around.Beauty. Opulence. Marvel. Desire. Big BIG desires. So big, we’ll need the next year to give us a hand. And the next one.

But it’s okay. Because not only are we going to make it fabulous, we have support. We have 365 days of angels on our sides. Legions and legions of them, wrapping their sacred wings around us, letting us know we’re all in this together, so fear not, for fear is not of 2015 or beyond. 

We’ll see more of the world. I’ve seen over 30 countries so far, with the help of the previous years, but you, 2015, will take me even further. Together, we will takepictures. Make memories to last us a lifetime, so I can always remember you, forhow good you were to me.

365 days of impact, income, influence. 365 days of lives made happier, because we enabled others to make their desires come true. 365 days of giving, giving selflessly, for the more you give, the more you receive. 365 days of utter abundance, flowing, effortless, spirit-led. 

365 days of listening to guidance from Spirit. Recognizing our connection to Source. Yep, I did say it was going to be Magnificent, didn’t I? It takes Divinity, to make it so. 365 days of falling in love with Self. Complete adoration. Boundless love. As it should be, as we are.

It’s day 1, and I’m in love already. Let’s make it a great year, let’s make it astounding.Cheers to a beautiful 2015!  ♥

Happy 2015


In love and with purpose,

PS. What does your love note look like? What are you committing to creating in your life, in the next 365 days and beyond? Share with me here!

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