Show Setbacks the Middle Finger and Keep Going

I spent 2 Fridays ago being chewed to pieces by my audience, in an effort to convey a message that I know is unconventional and bold, and challenges the way we commonly perceive life.

Given that I pushed my comfort zone to extremes to be there, shared my message and was completely chastised for it, I should never want to speak again in front of a crowd.
Curious thing though, is that I do.
Napoleon Hill says that opportunities come hidden under the guise of a struggle or unfortunate event.
To any bystander’s eyes, it must have indeed looked like an unfortunate event. However, in the larger scheme of things, this episode of my life has freed me in so many ways.
1) I learned that when you have a strong and uncommon message to share with the world, there will be people who resonate with you, and people who don’t. My job is not to convince anyone, nor to prove to anyone, nor to change anyone, but simply show that a different possibility is available. A person who can receive my words with an open mind can automatically tap into that possibility instantly.

2) People who don’t resonate with you will more often than not show you resistance. We all have Mass amounts of subconscious programming from our society, culture, religion, parents, etc. That conditioning has one role and one role only: to protect us from anyone else who wants to come in and change us. Unless you are at a point in your life where you are open to change, or know there is more to life than what you’ve experienced thus far, your previous conditioning will interfere with your ability to take in new information that clashes with your “already established programming”. As a result of triggering this subconscious programming, there is a lot of friction and resistance created.

3) There’s an empowered perspective in everything. I could have said this presentation was a sign I’m not meant to speak in front of other people, or that this was a mistake, or that I don’t have what it takes, etc etc.

But looking back in time, I’ve had numerous successful speaking engagements as a Neuroscience guest speaker, in the corporate world when I worked in Finance, as a Valedictorian during college, had dance performances on stage..

“Not being fit for it” didn’t quite make the cut. But it did leave me feeling empowered to keep going, to learn from my mistakes, and to simply accept that when I’m willing to stand out from the crowd, live my life fully, and do the types of things most people aren’t, I’m shaking and poking at their reality and sense of “security”, and there will be some lashback, until I learn to not be so “upfront” and in your face about my teachings. I’m a very honest and bold person, and it doesn’t work for everyone.

And I’m Totally okay with that. I’m here for those for whom it works. Even though it’s normal to have resistance, it clearly shows me who my tribe is and who isn’t. I can’t serve everyone: to each his own journey.

4) I felt so proud of myself that in spite of the skeptics, the non-believers, the complainers, and the victims, I persevered with the presentation until the end. 2 years ago I would have fled from the scene in tears. But this time I wasn’t attached to what people thought of me. I was simply there to share, and people’s opinions of me had no bearing on my ability to carry this message out into the world.

5) I’ve never belonged in traditional work settings. Because I’m a free spirit (and naturally like to do things my own way) as an entrepreneur, and as a way of life, I tend to push the envelope and stretch my comfort zone to grow. In addition to that, in order to be successful, you have to be surrounded with people who are already where you want to be. By surrounding myself with a worker class mentality mindset, I could never make it to the kind of entrepreneurial aspirations that I have. Entrepreneurship takes guts, relentlessness, risking, hustling, doing whatever it takes. A job environment takes just doing enough to get by until 5 o’clock hits. I’ll choose adventure and risk anyday, just so that I can say at the end of my life that I lived it, lived it fully with every fiber in my being. Yes, I get called crazy a lot. (I’m flattered each time.)

So because of all of this, in the last while, I had been feeling less and less content with life, because (aside from working on my business and carrying on with my clients) I got sucked back into the reality of a ‘job’.

My spirit wanted so much to allow me the freedom to grow on my own terms, and to fully be self-expressed, that it created this situation to free me from my workplace (where I delivered this presentation), and allow me to fully delve into my business, something I’d been desiring so strongly in my heart of hearts but was afraid to go full on.

6) The past 3 months have been a complete destruction of structures that haven’t been serving my highest good and potential. Almost every single thing and person that in some way or other has been holding me back from fully stepping up to the plate and embracing my purpose and business ( the vehicle through which to carry my purpose/larger vision) has been falling away, even in spite of my efforts to hold on.

I am learning to be completely okay with allowing life to take away whatever it wants. I know that ultimately, it will deliver to me something FAR better than what I thought I was losing. I just need to be patient, and understand that everything happens for a reason.

7) This entire episode has been an amazing “return to self-love experiment”. It opened my eyes to the fact that as long as I love myself, as long as I see value in my teachings, as radical and far-fetched as they may be (I’m not called an Aquarian 30 years ahead of her time for nothing!!), I don’t need anyone else’s approval, acknowledgement, or appreciation to feel validated.

Neither do you. 

Not basing my worth and value on what others think of me has been probably one of the most exhilarating signs of progress of all these inner shifts and self-development work that I’ve been doing.

They say your life is a prison, until you can free yourself from what others think of you. You can be freed too..

Unconventional in your day to day life.
Uncensored in your way of expression.
Uncommon in your way of thinking.
Unstoppable in your resolve to keep going.
Unreasonable in your desire to succeed.

I sit here at this threshold, at this new entry point, where  infinite possibilities await, and I can’t wait to dig in. 

What about you? ♥

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