The Inside Rant on my previous BlogPost

So I clearly must have created some controversy and touched some sensitive points in some people with my previous blog post , because I’ve had more unsubscribes from my newsletter with this mailing than all unsubscribes combined in the history of my newsmailer altogether! It’s puzzling and fascinating for me that when I send a gritty, truthful, honest email that comes from the heart, and is meant to WAKE YOU UP to the GREATNESS that is you, some people shrink in fear, because it threatens them. Maybe it’s because they don’t believe they are great. Maybe it’s because they think it’s too late to make a difference in their lives. Maybe they’ve settled in a mediocre role, and convinced themselves to be okay with just mediocre. Maybe they think they already wasted their life doing the wrong thing, so why bother… But I’m going to take a stand for all these people that unsubscribed and people like them, and put these questions to the forefront again:

* Are you happy?
* Are you fulfilled?
* Did you accomplish whatever mission or purpose you volunteered yourself on this Earthly Plane to come and do?
* If you didn’t wake up today, what would you regret not having done, made bigger or achieved in your life? 

If you’re one of these people that shrinks behind a mask of cowardice/ shame/resentment/discontent/insert qualifier here etc. because you’re not happy, and you’re not fulfilled, and you don’t feel like you’re living your life to your greatest potential, and you regret many things or wish you’d done things differently.. FEAR NOT, because every day you have the POWER TO CHOOSE what you WHAT YOU WANT TO DO WITH THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. Every day you can EMPOWER yourself to BE a better person, no matter how far down the rabbithole you think you are. We are the ONLY CREATURES on Earth with the ability to have the WILLPOWER and CONSCIOUS DESIRE to CHOOSE for ourselves. Yes, that is a tremendous responsibility. Yes, that can lead us down the rabbithole. But it also grants us the creative potential to live the life that we desire, and to fulfill the purpose that we came here to fulfill.

I wrote my blogpost in a very gentle, and delicate tone, and even so, people were offended. During my seminar in Atlanta, we learnt all about having a SENSE OF URGENCY in our lives. I conveyed that in my post in a diplomatic manner, but let me poke at it a bit further, to REALLY get you thinking about what a sense of urgency in your life is all about..

If you knew that you only had 3 years left to make an impact in this world with your life or business, what would you do, right now, to make that impact happen? 

I promised myself since returning from Atlanta that I would become a lot more visible, and a lot more “in your face” than I’ve ever been before. Maybe this is the beginning. Maybe this is where I draw the line between “I’m scared to speak my truth because what will they think of me Andy”… and ” I’m ready to speak to my truth because it needs to be heard, loud and clear Andy”.

And so in speaking my truth, if I offend you, please don’t take it personally. My posts are meant to urge you on, to help you, to push you in the direction of self-discovery, and self-growth, and self-awareness. If you don’t have the courage to LOOK DEEP WITHIN yourself, and see what is there, or don’t care to make a difference for yourself, and this world, then I courteously invite you to unsubscribe. If you WANT TO LOOK DEEP down, but it hurts, and you’re scared, and you’re not sure what to DO about it, but you WANT TO DO something about it, then I’m opening my time up to be of service to you.

I will offer 45 minutes of my time, for free, to ANYONE that is courageous enough to look within, and stay with that discomfort. This is my challenge to you. To look within, and find out what YOU want to do better for yourself. To look within, and see what YOU want to destroy and let go of, so that YOU can become the person that you truly WANT to be, authentic, genuine, and true. I will STAY by your side, and work with you through that discomfort, so that you can learn to face it, and cope with it, and NOT run away from it. If you are ready to have a self-discovery moment, reach out to me. I am here to SERVE the people that are willing and ready to make a change, EVEN IF they don’t know how, or they don’t believe it’s possible, but they feel deep inside that they WANT TO. Show me your sense of urgency in your own life, and I will show you a way out.

Yours truly, the “envelope-pusher”,

PS. For the brave souls with whom this resonates… Your free invitation to a Complementary 45-minute Discovery Session with me can be accessed right here 🙂
PPS. If you didn’t find my previous blogpost controvesial (I didn’t think it was either! lol), just keep cruising along, awesome-pawsome.

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