The Sky’s the Limit

30,000 feet up in the Sky, the world is a complete marvel to observe. I used to think that take-offs were my favourite part about traveling and flying on airplanes, but I found something even bigger to be astounded by.

My flight from Atlanta back home was scheduled today at 6:45 AM (it’s 7:23 AM as I’m writing this from these Heavenly Heights 🙂 ). Going to bed at 2 AM and waking up at 4 AM to make sure I wasn’t going to miss my flight made me re-evaluate my future choices when choosing to book a flight with such early-morning attachments. It also had me fork out a 45$ bill to the taxi driver that took me from my hotel to the airport, because public transit is inexistent at these ungodly hours.  I think I was yawning more frequently than I was blinking all the way to the airport.

Well, despite all these banalities of travel, traveling this early in the morning also had its benefits. There wasn’t much traffic on the roads, the check-in and security lines were flowing unobstructed, and because most stores in the airport opened at 6 AM, I got freshly brewed coffee, a nice toasted bagel, and the first round of fruit salad that was being put out for the day.

Little did I know that early morning flights also have extra seats available ( ‘cause who wants to wake up at 4AM to catch that flight, right?). I consciously asked for two things upon my arrival at the gate. Space, and sun. To my dismay, I got my space immediately as I sat down, realizing that no one else was going to sit beside me. Hell yes, I thought. I am pretty sociable on most days with most people I end up being seated next to (I have made some amazing friendships that way…), but socializing at 6 in the morning really isn’t my cup of tea (and especially not while sleep deprived). I felt relieved and grateful for having space to myself, with my own thoughts, laptop, and bunny- pillow to keep me company.

The second thing I had asked for, Sun, came from the fact I’ve always wanted to ride as the Sun was rising. It has happened on a few occasions, but it was opposite where I was sitting, so I could never truly witness this miracle… until today.

Miracles happen every day, whether we recognize this or not. Some people chose to keep the blinds closed, so no light would penetrate (yep, I would have at one time not long ago been that person too, trying to get some shut eye to compensate from the lack of sleep the night before). But the first thing I did was to open the blinds on my window as soon as I sat down. I wanted to see. I wanted to witness. I wanted to bask in light. I wanted to see the skies. The clouds. The colors.

What I saw was much more…

As the sun rose above the horizon and into view, I saw the shroud of darkness that enveloped the world be cast away incrementally by light. As the rays of light stretched across the entire city from East to West, the landscape shimmered slightly. From one side of the world to the other, it felt like the city was coming alive right before my eyes. I saw the faint traces of buildings, and parks, and houses… and wondered… How many people are up? What is each of them doing? Are they awake? Are they going to work? Sleeping in? Going to church? Having sex? Enjoying a lazy Sunday with their family?

8 BILLION people.. each doing their own thing… and I was inching my way closer to the clouds, peering down into the lives of the people that were immediately visible to me from the plane… wondering where in their life they were at… In my mind, I asked them…

Are you happy?
Are you fulfilled?
Did you accomplish whatever mission or purpose you volunteered yourself on this Earthly Plane to come and do?
If you didn’t wake up today, what would you regret not having done, made bigger or achieved in your life? 

Riding in the Sky and seeing the World from a different vantage point than Earth is a touching experience. As I was reflecting on these questions, and looking down at the marvel that is LIFE here on EARTH, the Sun kissed my wing, almost as if to bless me, and tell me to shine my own light, while I have this life in my hands to do with what I volunteered to do with it. My purpose.  My vision. My mission. Shine them on the world like the sun shines on the world. Constantly. Consistently. Compassionately. Every day, without exception.

Not quite knowing whether the cause of the oncoming tears was the blinding sun, the vibration of my purpose resonating through the millions of cells in my body, or my emotions filling me, it suddenly dawned on me… that we are so infinite, we are such immense creatures of love and divinity, and we’re each striving to learn what we were put here on Earth to do. We’re each struggling, because in every struggle, there is a HUGE gift. An opportunity to grow, to learn, and to change the world by changing ourselves… It’s about paying it forward. Leaving this world a better place than when we entered it.

And I thought to myself, am I doing the best I can? Am I really pushing myself to be the best that I can be, so I can help others get unstuck, and strive to be better themselves? Can I, like this plane, fly a little higher? Push myself to a new limit? Reach a new altitude in my life, in my purpose, in my business?

I smiled, and came up with a big, resounding YES.

And my smile must have beamed like rays of sunshine on my lips, because suddenly I felt grateful, for all the steps I had been taking up to this point… Contributing to society with my gifts. Going to business seminars. Paying the staff at the hotel. Paying the pilots who flew me there and back, the flight attendants, the fuel which made this possible. Purchasing my coaching program, and becoming part of a group of aspiring elite entrepreneurs. Tipping the waiters at the restaurants I ate, the staff who kept my room clean for the past 3 days. The airports who made it possible for me to fly to begin with. The taxi driver who got me safely to the airport. The cooks who made my meals. The person who picked the tomatoes in the tomato juice I got on the plane, and so on…

And this is just the beginning. That is what contributing to this world is all about. Fulfilling your purpose doesn’t mean you do so at the expense of taking from others, for there is no lack in this world. It means that as you are able to fulfill that which your soul is here for, you reach out and impact MORE people than you ever could have before. Through my business, I am able to not only serve my clients, but impact the lives of so many other people I directly or indirectly come in contact with through the seminars I invest in for my growth, the trips I make, and the friendships and bonds that result from that. Stepping outside of the norm of a 9 to 5 job enabled me to see that the Sky’s the Limit in Life. And it’s the limit, only in our Earthly point of view, for beyond what our eyes can see, beyond the layers of clouds, there is space, and stars, and planets and galaxies that stretch out to an infinite Universe.

And when I fly, I get a little closer to that infinite part of me… the microcosm that reflects the macrocosm. As above so below. As within so without. The miracle of life is indeed grand…

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