The Real Truth about Success that “they” Don’t want you to know

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Sometimes, in order to inspire, you need to wait for the right moment. Had I tried to write to you last week, like I was “supposed to”, because I said I’d write at least once a week, it would have looked something like this….

  • Initiating a separation with my 2-year long life partner is harder than I imagined.
  • Moving out is even more so. Boxes on top of boxes are calling for me to pack away my belongings, in search of a new home.
  • I need to move out by the end of this week.
  • Just got word the new place flooded due to a pipe bursting. This means I need to temporarily live in another unit until they renovate the one I’m supposed to move in.
  • I’m sick with the flu.
  • I’m running behind on writing my newsletter.
  • My birthday is coming up, in the middle of all this.
  • I have traveling engagements to respect as part of my coaching program.
  • Smack in the middle of this, it means I need to leave everything and travelto the States.
  • My room-mate bailed out on me last minute. This means the hotel bill alone will come out to 900$.
  • I’m trying to remind myself why did I choose a millionaire for a coach again?
  • My clients continue to expect top notch coaching from me, in spite of what may be going in my personal life, that they’re not privy to.

Not exactly the most inspirational of subjects to write about to my tribe. Yet nothing more, nothing less than this was going on with me right last week. 

Since then…

I separated. I moved. I’m healing. I’m writing to you. My birthday was nothing short of amazing.

Birthday celebrations, cake, yuuuum!

I went to my coaching seminar. I spent 5 mind-mind blowing days in Hilton Head Island, which was a game-changer for me in many ways. I was relieved my room-mate was not there, because I obviously needed the space to process the internal changes that were happening.

I made 3500$ between the beginning of this month and today, meaning the 900$ didn’t look so big and threatening anymore. I’m glad I chose a millionaire for a coach so I could learn that I have the ability to make 3,500$ in a week, and push myself to do it. Not only did I over-focus on delivering to my clients, but I also fulfilled my responsibility to deliver the 2.5 hr laser session I promised to the survey winner, Michelle, with outstanding results

Obstacles don’t disappear, you just get better at handling everything life comes at you with. In my quest for “personal success”, “global impact” and “financial freedom”... These are some conclusions I’ve been able to draw so far, as I’m about to complete a full year into my entrepreneurial journey this upcoming March:

Success is not hard, but it’s hard work.

The recipe for success is pretty easy. Be purposeful, consistent, persistent. As long as you can get out of your own way and keep taking steps forward, you’re doing it. Success demands that you keep going, in spite of where you might like to stop.Success is not convenient. It just is. Provided you can control how purposeful, consistent and persistent you are, and have a great sense of urgency to move forward in your quest, (in spite of obstacles) you’re well on your way.

Sacrifice is 100% necessary.

Success is more about letting go than it really is about acquiring new skills. It’s about letting go of your story, the belief systems that hold you down, the fear that you’ll disappoint others because you’re following your dream, or you’ll outshine them or leave your friends behind.. I’ve changed friend circles many times, set clear boundaries with my family, moved cities, let go of clients who were not a good fit, and released things in my life that I either sold or gave away, to make room for better.

Nothing new, or of a higher vibration can come in, until you make room for it, by letting go of something else. If you want something else in your life than you currently have, the first question you need to ask is… What am I willing to let go of? Whatever you’re not willing to give up is what will ultimately hold you back. You have to be willing to hold on to nothing, in order to gain everything. For me this was the hardest thing to learn… How to let go, in order to let more in.  

Your readiness to uplevel will always be tested.

Whatever you want to accomplish, your faith will be tested.. Do you believe enough in what you want that you’ll keep moving forward in spite of obstacles? It would have been easy for me to say I’m sick, I’m going through a “rough time”, I don’t have the money, and simply go through my move, not attend my coaching seminars abroad, and save my money and energy in the process. 

But success is not a matter of convenience. You must believe in your dream enough to do what’s necessary. What’s necessary sometimes means going through the rough patches, and doing the inner work anyways. You know you’re up to some inner growth when everything feels like is “collapsing around you” all at once. That’s when the beautiful transformation happens. That’s when your readiness to uplevel gets tested. If you tough it out, congratulations. You just graduated to the next level. You’ll recover from sickness. The money will come. The apartment will be renovated to look even better than before. And so on… 

Have faith, believe, and take action, in spite of what your current reality might appear to look like. A better one is on its way. 🙂 

You can only focus on one thing at once, your vision or your fear.

At any given moment in your life, you either come from a place of love, in tune with your vision, or a place of fear, away from your vision.  WHO you’re BEING is in direct correlation with whether you take action from a place of fear, or from a place of vision. Your vision dictates your behavior, or your fear dictates your behavior, but it can never be both. If you want something, but then you say you don’t have the money, your fear just dictated your behavior. Result: you just post-poned getting what you want out of fear. You’re in mis-allignment with your vision. 

You cannot be in alignment with your vision or your dream and act out of fear at the same time. Everytime you act out of fear, you push AWAY from your vision, not towards it. The fear never disappears, even when you’re acting from your vision. You just learn not to tune in to it any longer. You do things IN SPITE of your fear. You are BEing bigger than your fear, therefore expanding into your vision.

It’s all between the temples.

There is nothing out there stopping you from your desires and dreams other than yourself. Between everything you are, and everything you want to be, it’s all a matter of changing your mindset. Awareness and understanding is the name of the game.You cannot change and “become who you want to be” unless you know what you need to change in the person you are right now to yield different results. To get a new effect (result), YOU need to Be a different Cause! My coach always says that if you’re not seeing the desired effect, you’re not being the cause.

If you want different results in your life, but you’re not sure how you’re not being the cause, or what you need to be aware of in order to change, I invite you to give me a shout! Here’s how. Schedule your free strategy session with me here. Together, we will blast through the confusion, get rid of the illusions, and bring you the awareness and understanding to move forward in a specific area of your life. 

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