When Nothing is Sure, Everything is Possible

{ From Me to You }

As we sit within this space between Summer and Fall, I am reminded of the fact it coincides with the energetic portal of change that happens yearly from mid-August to mid-October, namely, Eclipse season.

In this particular one (aside from some MAJOR transits I won’t discuss here), we have 3 Eclipses instead of our usual 2. We’ve gone through 2 already, and we have one more to go. Eclipse season is a time of change, a time of “a disturbance in the field” ushering us to greater growth, which also means.. A lot of release, letting go, grieving, mourning, and the dying of all things antiquated, outmoded, no longer needed.

This is how this energy has been panning out for me so far:

{Healing from my surgery} – which to me has meant a vulnerable and necessary releasing of old stories of Fear & transformation towards my Voice being heard

Click here if you missed out my last post about this – it was MEGA popular

{Honouring loving myself more} – allowing, instead of pushing; listening to the energetic ebb and flow of my body, mind and soul; honouring my needs, and giving myself as much time and self-care as needed

{Relocating to a new apartment} – I love my current residence. It’s been one of the newest, most luxurious places I’ve ever had the privilege to live in. As much as I love it though, I’ve also lost TWO cats in this place, and energetically feel the need to move on.

{Emotionally building my sense of value} – More and more, I have been tuning into the deeper truth of what I’m meant to do here on this planet. My value, my worth, my knowledge, my expertise, my ability to bring soul-deep transformation to so many people, and the BEST ways to go about doing that in order to have the biggest impact.

{ A New Dawn }

Lately my Intuitive Readings and Discovery Sessions have been in great demand by way of Facebook Groups. The last 4 weeks I’ve had an average of 3 sessions a day, which is astounding to me. I’ve never seen that in the history of my business so far.

We are beginning to wake up.

To understand that confusion, pain, suffering and fear aren’t the “default” way of living life.

That Dreams DIE with you if you continue down that path.

That limiting beliefs around self-worth, value, sense of self, money can all be exchanged for abundant mindsets.

That it IS possible to live FULLER, more MEANINGFUL lives.

But it’s ONLY WHEN the pain of holding on to these patterns is greater than the pain of letting go… that CHANGE can come in.

That’s what Eclipses are about. Blotting out, eclipsing out of sight what’s no longer serving us. Everything is in flux, but it’s because we are being asked to open up to the possibilities…

Not to mention this year is a “9” vibration year, which means it’s been a year of endings, purification, clearing, purging, banishing, drawing lines and boundaries, establishing ourselves in alignment to what’s most TRUE TO OUR SOUL, instead of the conditioning of society, culture, religion, parents, upbringing, and so on.

{ Ch-ch-changes }

Resting and healing have given me a tremendous opportunity to re-structure a lot of things in the background, so that foundation can support me to be more at the front-end of things: in front of you, via videos, FB Live, via more Readings, Discovery Sessions, Coaching Packages, Webinars, and so on.

I mentioned in my previous museletter to you that it’s up to us to bring ALL that we are into this world, day by day.

To unlearn who we were taught/supposed to be, in favour of discovering who we REALLY are.

Our desires.

What sets our soul on fire.

What life could really look like, if we were guided by our heart’s voice, instead of other people’s voices.

Because we only have so much time on our beautiful planet, and make our dreams happen.

Ready to take a leap of faith with me tomorrow?

I’ll be sending you an e-mail with an opportunity to do just that.

Take the first step with me.

To the emergence of your truest self, and your heart’s content,

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